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Distinguished Alum, Dr. Albert Y. C. Yu (BS ‘63 ENG) and Ms. Mary Bechmann support Synthetic Biology Research

"IST is unique in fostering interdisciplinary breakthrough research such as Professor Richard Murray's synthetic biology work. Pioneering, exciting and impactful: that's the best of Caltech IST, and the reason we feel so privileged to sponsor such dynamic thinking."

December 19, 2011

IST Discovery funds created by Trend Micro and Eva Chen

“It is very refreshing to see brilliant people researching and making things that will really change the world, through education and fundamental research. It is my honor to have the chance to join the discovery journey!” remarked Eva Chen Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Trend Micro.

December 16, 2011

Sabeer Bhatia (BS ’91) and Tania Bhatia join IST Affiliates; pledge $100,000 to support IST

Sabeer Bhatia (BS ’91) and his wife, Tania, recently joined the IST Affiliates with a 5-year commitment of unrestricted support for IST.  The IST Affiliates is a thoughtful group of contributors who help us fund the most urgent funding needs and research priorities throughout the year.

December 16, 2011

Howard and Jan Oringer Sponsor IST Student Seminars

“Jan and I are pleased to sponsor the Oringer Seminars for IST. Our hope is through successful interactions with visiting entrepreneurs, alumni, and venture capitalists, Caltech students will obtain crucial, practical information to augment the theoretical underpinnings of the IST curriculum. Through these seminars, we want to open students’ eyes to the many ways their knowledge can be applied to benefit society and to inspire them to move their ideas forward driving economic and technological progress.” Howard Oringer (MS ’63 EE)

December 11, 2011

Wally Baer and Jeri Weiss Establish Endowed Postdoctoral Fellowship in IST

“Going back to my days at Bell Labs,” says Wally Baer, “I’ve been fascinated by information as a unifying concept in the sciences. So when Jeri and I began to consider how we might best support research at Caltech, we soon focused on the IST initiative. We believe IST represents what Caltech does best: bringing together exceptional scholars whose work spans traditional academic disciplines to address fundamental problems in science and technology. We want the IST postdoctoral fellowship we’re endowing to help advance that mission.”

October 27, 2011

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