The belief that a small number of bright, creative people with the right resources will do world-changing research is central to the success of IST—and Caltech. Faculty leaders and the IST council have identified four types of support that will help researchers investigate the most challenging problems in information science and technology and prepare young scholars to make major discoveries.

Discovery funds

Federal grants typically favor low-risk projects, not breakthrough ideas. So Caltech uses privately supported discovery funds as venture capital for time-sensitive new research. One endowed discovery fund supports the early stages of a host of projects, often more than 10 years sooner than other grants would.

Postdoctoral fellowships*

Caltech’s stimulating research environment has made it a destination for outstanding young PhDs—especially those who aim to explore the mathematical and algorithmic foundations of information. Fellowships will help us continue to offer them incomparable early career opportunities to address major challenges.

“IST gives postdocs the benefit of both worlds—the ability to operate independently while interacting intimately with research groups . . . . Such a stimulating environment, surrounded by people doing very creative research—it was very good for my development.” —Recent fellow Peng Yin, now a core faculty member in Harvard Medical School’s Wyss Institute

Graduate fellowships*

Graduate fellowships help us recruit top-flight students and then support them to do research the Caltech way—with rigor, focus, and freedom. With lab skills and good basic knowledge in hand, graduate fellows conduct advanced research with faculty and postdoctoral scholars.

IST Affiliates

IST Affiliates are a select group of supporters who help the director fund priorities throughout the year. Membership is $20,000 per year for five years. Affiliates, like other leadership donors, receive reports on funding as well as opportunities to participate in events and stay in touch with the director, students, and faculty.

*The Gordon and Betty Moore Matching Program may provide up to one-third of the funds necessary to establish a new endowed fellowship.

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