Advances in information technology have transformed life around the world. At Caltech, birthplace of semiconductor lasers, microprocessor design, and automated DNA sequencing, we believe that the impact of the Information Age has only just begun—and that the greatest transformations lie ahead.

The Information Science and Technology (IST) initiative targets this as-yet-untapped impact on medicine, science, and society. Its role is to incubate transdisciplinary research widely applicable across natural, social, and engineered systems. Caltech scientists are rapidly uncovering the mathematical, algorithmic, and physical principles that unite information and computation, and their far-reaching research efforts (ranging from molecular programming to leveraging of quantum effects) tap beyond the core IST constituents of Computing and Mathematical Sciences and Electrical Engineering, into a wide range of talent on campus.

IST is uniquely equipped to contribute the foundations and discoveries required to spearhead the future of information science and technology: Caltech’s small campus has a high density of professors and students who share mathematical depth, as well as an unabashed drive to engage in fundamental research that tightly couples theory and experiment.

We invite you to browse this site to learn more about our current projects; you may even find out ways in which you can support or become involved in our work!

Information for Science, Society, and Medicine

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